Are you ready for a different way to learn public speaking & presentation skills?

The Better Presenter Academy can help you share your voice with heroic confidence!

Does this ring any bells?

Limited by Fear

In the past, you’ve struggled with public speaking or even worse… you haven’t tried because you’re held back by fear

Your Message

You have a message you want to share, but you’re not sure how to craft it in a way that will be compelling


You delivered a presentation, but your audience wasn’t inspired or moved to action the way you had hoped

The Secret

You’ve seen other people doing fantastic presentations and can see yourself doing the same. If only you could discover their secret…

Good news! It’s not a secret! It really isn’t. There are thousands of books, videos, and courses out there. If only there was one place to go that compiles all the best info!

This is the place!

(But you already guessed that, right?)

We created The Better Presenter to mine the wisdom, tips, and techniques of some of the world’s best speakers and put them into one easy, fun program.

If you have already been looking for presentation or public speaking help, you have probably noticed that there is a remarkable amount of bad advice out there. You will hear gems like “If you’re afraid, just picture the audience naked”. Wow… not only will you still be afraid, but you might have some other *cough* problems.

We’ve heard some heartbreaking stories from nice folks who have purchased online courses that lure you with promises of great wealth and prestige. Three hours later, you’ve finished their entire program and are faced with an upsell to “The Flagship” course that literally costs thousands.

Why is The Better Presenter program “different”?

We’re glad you asked. Here are just a few reasons:

Our Focus

Many books, programs, or videos focus on things like where you should stand, gestures and body language, tone of voice etc. Although those things do matter (and you will learn them too!), but the most important part is the message. Your ideas are the foundation of your presentation… everything else is window dressing.

There isn’t ONE way

There isn’t really ONE way to present. There isn’t even only one way to present for you. We will show you a variety of techniques that you can try and adapt to your own style, so you can be your most authentic self. If you don’t know what your own style is, we’ll help you discover it!

“Best” is a four-letter word

We don’t like the word “best”, as in; “We will help you be your best”, because it implies finality. No matter what level you are right now, you can always be Better. There’s a great Japanese word, Kaizen which means “change for better”. It’s associated with the philosophy of continuous improvement. We LOVE this! It’s is the mindset of the Better Presenter; consistent daily growth.

Speak with confidence like never before… Present like you never imagined!

Becoming a part of The Better Presenter program will help you:

  • Build stellar presentations that will captivate your audience 
  • Uncover your unique presentation voice and style 
  • Free yourself from limiting fears and boost your confidence to new levels 
  • Avoid the most common and frustrating public speaking mistakes 
  • Get feedback and support from our community of like-minded presenters

and much more in our ever-growing curriculum! 

“I had originally secured Chris at The Better Presenter to do a complete redesign of a PowerPoint presentation I had for a charity event. I mentioned in passing that I was to be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening and I was quite nervous. Chris came to my aide! He not only created a stunning presentation, he helped format my speech, worked on a toast, and tightened-up my introductions. It was a winning evening that I’m still getting compliments about”

- Tom McTavish -


Presentation Resources


Lessons planned for the next few months

Inspiration and motivation


Problems (but presenting ain't one)

The Better Presenter takes the chaos out of presentation preparation and delivery

Our Comprehensive Courses

Our curriculum guides you effortlessly through the essentials in a way that will both stimulate and inspire. You will learn all the tricks, tips and techniques (T3) used by some of the world’s most powerful and influential presenters to help you to:

  • You will learn how to target and analyze your audience so you can tailor a presentation to meet their needs 
  • grab attention with robust introductions and leave your audience with messages that will resonate with them 
  • avoid the most common public speaking slip-ups 
  • conquer presentation fears 
  • unleash your inner-designer to create eye-catching PowerPoint slides 
  • …and so much more!

With these skills, you will feel confident in business and social situations when you find yourself in the spotlight.

Presentation Master Plan

Our Essential Presentation Master Plan is a blueprint that can help you build any successful presentation. No matter what level of experience you have, our system will make you Better

Coaching Calls

Coaching calls and mastermind groups can help you brainstorm your presentation plan or help you add the finishing details.

A Helpful Community

We are MOST excited about having great online group of like-minded people who can inspire, advise, and support each other

Training Workshops

Live and recorded webinars about specialty topics will not only teach you new wisdom, tips, and techniques, but will inspire you to reach even further

Select Resources

Exclusive to members, we will have resources such as planners for specialty speeches, PowerPoint templates, presentation animations, and much more

The Sandbox

Each comprehensive lesson ends with the Sandbox where member can ask questions or contribute info. Our members will help shape the future of The Better Presenter!

We're working on the lessons now, tailoring them to your needs (New lessons or resources every week!). Be a Founding Member of The Better Presenter and your low price is locked in for the life of your membership. This special is ONLY available to the first 100 registrations. Prices will never be this low again



Includes these features

  • Access to every course, webinar, workshop, and bonus tool we produce
  • Access to our Member Community 
  • Weekly group coaching calls




  • Access to every course, webinar, workshop, and bonus tool we produce
  • Access to our Member Community 
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Best value - Save $38



Includes these features

  • Access to every course, webinar, workshop, and bonus tool we produce
  • Access to our Member Community 
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Best value - Save $38
  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls for personalized advice, and presentation evaluation/analysis

Try it for 2 weeks

Take a few lessons, log into a coaching call, mingle with the community. If you don't think that The Better Presenter Academy will help you become a better communicator, we'll provide a full refund.

“I was always so nervous in front of a crowd, but The Better Presenter helped me build my confidence. Great information and great coaching – I highly recommend this program!”

- Sarah Mercer -

Who are we?

Here's a little bit about us

The Better Presenter team is made up of public speakers, trainers, facilitators, Toastmasters, writers, and designers all brought together to create an Online Presentation Training Program that is as informative as it is fresh and engaging.

Your host and guide

The Better Presenter site was created by award-winning public speaker, Christopher Vaillancourt. A corporate trainer and facilitator for over 25 years, Chris is constantly seeking out new tips and techniques to improve the quality of the programs he delivers.

“It started when I found a book about presentations in the sale bin at a local bookstore. I stood there leafing through the pages, thinking ‘hey, that’s a good tip… oooh, that one too. And another one’. I think after the fourth or fifth excellent point I spent the 7 bucks and took it home. After that, it snowballed. More books, videos, classes, and a membership in Toastmasters. No matter how much I was learning, there were always more ideas that could make me BETTER. If we stop the learning process, we stop growing and limit our ability to serve. This website has been a massive learning experience for all involved already and we’re excited to share it”