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The team at The Better Presenter has created an online training program that takes the chaos out of presentation preparation and delivery. Our curriculum guides you effortlessly through the essentials and beyond in a way that will both stimulate and inspire (oh... and entertain). 

You will learn all the wisdom, tips and techniques used by some of the world’s most powerful and influential presenters. We want to help you craft your message, connect with your audience, and do it all with heroic confidence!

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The Essential Presentation Master Plan can help you take the chaos out of presentation planning and preparation

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Our self-directed multimedia program will gently guide you through presentation planning, preparation, and performance (alliteration is fun!)

Overcome Fear

Public speaking can be pretty scary. Some believe it’s the #1 fear in North America (it isn’t!). We’ll show you how you can overcome stage fright and even make it your friend

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If you wanted to learn about a subject, would you only read one book? Ask one person? Think of our community as new world of mentors and support

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Blogging is about communicating what you see or want to see, in the world. It’s an opportunity to share what you know and what you too, are learning. In The Better Presenter Blog, we will mine the internet for those gems that can make us better communicators.

Christopher Vaillancourt | Apr 30, 2021

Are you familiar with the term “logjam”? If not, it means pretty much what you might be picturing. It is a naturally occurring ...


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