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Posted On May 21, 2021 |

Plan your presentation with you AUDIENCE in mind!

The Essential Presentation Master Plan will help take the chaos out of presentation planning and maximize your impact

It’s finally here! We’re very excited to share’s flagship free tool, The Essential Presentation Master Plan! And wow… Already I’m regretting such a long title… it takes so long to type. We’ll just refer to it as the “EPMP” from now on. Plus, EPMP is fun to say out loud. (did you try?)

The EPMP is the tool I wished I had when I was first asked to run a workplace seminar over 25 years ago. I was overwhelmed by the scope of it and barely knew where to start planning. I struggled with the preparation and made it through my 90-minute presentation. I was just starting to feel relieved when the questions started, and I realized that my audience didn’t understand most of what I said. Having the Master Plan back then, I could have saved so much time AND I could have learned some of the basics of connecting with an audience.

Essential Presentation Master Plan
It's an ebook, but we love mockups

The Essential Presentation Master Plan was created to get you moving forward while helping you keep your message focused on your audience. It is a blueprint that can help you build any successful presentation. No matter what level of experience you have, our system can help you be Better!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s inside:

  • Why is planning even important?
  • Identifying your presentation's objectives,
  • Tailoring a presentation to your audience for maximum impact,
  • Researching your topic so we can best serve our listeners,
  • Preparing an outline,
  • Creating a compelling introduction,
  • Structure your presentation to keep your audience engaged!
  • Craft a conclusion that will resonate with your listeners.

We sincerely hope that EPMP provides you with value and that it becomes a regular tool in your repertoire. If you would like to continue your BETTER journey, visit this site for more weekly blog posts, our library of resources, and free tools and templates that are sure to elevate your presentation game! (Oh… and if you’d like to REALLY jump ahead, become a member of The Better Presenter Academy)

Enjoy this free tool and have a great day!


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