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Resources - PowerPoint Templates

You’re saying to yourself, “Slide templates? Seriously? I just read how you’re not supposed to use those”. Well, yes and no. The Better Presenter recommends that they may be used with restraint. They add to your slide deck by creating a unifying visual element, but if you have a long presentation, seeing the same template,  slide after slide can be dull.  

Templates are ideal if you have a short time to prepare a presentation. A quality design allows you to present your information in a clear, professional format and gives you the time you need to focus on the other important elements of the presentation.

The Better Presenter’s Online Presentation Training Program has dedicated a chapter to creating your own template in “Unleashing Your Inner Designer”.

There are many sites on the internet to find unique and inexpensive templates. There are also a lot of free templates. When choosing a template, keep in mind contrast, appropriateness to the topic, suitability of color scheme and branding (corporate logos etc). Another important consideration is whether a template is necessary for your specific presentation.

Before you jump into the world of templates here are a couple of important points to keep in mind.

  • PPT has built in, easy to use templates within the program that work perfectly fine.
  • Some templates may require that you have a higher level of skill with PowerPoint to make certain changes. Don’t let that intimidate you. If you have the time, there are many sites and videos to teach you anything you need to know related to PowerPoint.
  • Images are generally not included when you download a template. They provide a view as to how the template will look with images added. We have a resource section for royalty free images for your perusal.
  • Feel free to use our Facebook or Community page to ask questions regarding PPT.


Free PowerPoint Templates (animated) (simple backgrounds)


Moyea PowerPoint to DVD


Moyea PowerPoint to DVD, Free PowerPoint Templates for Teachers Download (5 Free PowerPoint E-Learning Templates)


Affordable PowerPoint Templates


SlideUpLift slide templates use Vision Science to help you tell a story and create impact. They have lots of FREE resources and many affordable options for those looking to upgrade their PowerPoint presentations. They also have a great blog with tons of useful design information that you can put to use immediately!


Envato Elements

Envato is the top recommendation by The Better Presenter for PPT templates.  For the current price of $29.00 you receive access to thousands of professional presentation templates related to many different industries. Envato’s membership fee also includes access to royalty-free images, Wordpress templates, graphics, fonts, video, audio files and much more. We have utilized this resource endlessly.




Slides Carnival


Free PowerPoint Templates Design