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Resources - The Writer’s Desk

There’s a great Latin phrase used in the study of art history; ‘Horror vacui’ meaning ‘fear of empty space’. At some point, most writers, staring at a blank page or screen will associate with that ‘horror’. You try to think of something to write and  …just …nothing …comes.

Our writer’s resources are full of articles and tools to inspire you and bust any blocks between you and an eloquent, engaging, engrossing, enjoyable, entertaining, enthralling, and exciting presentation (I found an alliteration dictionary!).

Helpful blogs, sites and pages for the presentation writer.

Grammar Girl

Daily Writing tips 

Get it Write   
Top Ten Tips for Nonfiction Writers

Writing Tips from Masters

Technical Writing Tips (PDF) 

Creativity Works

Men with Pens
Pen and the Pad
Literary Hub

How to Improve Your Business Writing

Creative Writing advice and tips from Stephen King
Writing Forward

Writing Cooperative

Read submission:  A reader, Dave, was kind enough to send along this note and link to a blog post that explains how grammar saves lives! After reading it, I vowed to pay more attention to my writing output!!!!! (Okay, that was one last use of "aggressive exclamation points").
Dave writes:
"I truly enjoyed your site! I discovered an article on why grammar is still so important and thought you might want to share it with your readers.  Grammar is especially significant when working from home and since meetings are online, profiles are a reflection of ourselves, poor grammar will leave a bad impression.  Here is the article I mentioned:

How Good Grammar Saves Lives and Other Reasons It’s Still Important